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Military Monuments

National Old Trails Road, Needles, CA
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Jim Nickel began working on these military rock monuments in 2010. He started making them to keep himself busy and it turned into a project honoring the various military branches and organizations. The monuments are created using rock from the area. He created the first one to honor his wife, then he made one for himself and a long-time friend and so on.

They are located just west of the KOA campground at 5400 National Old Trails Road on the west end of Needles.

GPS: 34.868966, -114.645027

In 2015 the Needles Downtown Business Alliance said they would help the couple maintain the monuments especially with the expense of the American flags placed at the monuments. They only last about three weeks out in the hot desert winds.



xMarine Corp.

xAir Force

xCoast Guard

xNational Guard


xWounded Warriors

xVFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars

xJim Nickel

xStarr Nickle

xRon A Friend of the Nickle's

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