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Brothers With A Cause Monument

Route 66, Carterville, MO

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Brothers Clair & Duane Swatosh started Brothers With A Cause in 2010 to honor the men and women who serve our country and they brothers erected this monument honoring veterans in their yard.

It is located on Old 66 Blvd. between County Loop 202 and County Loop 208, just east of where Route 66 turns south on N Pine St.

GPS: 37.166537, -94.428586

xThe center piece of the main display is a silhouette of a soldier kneeling at a cross of a fallen fellow soldier.

xThis monument stone reads in part ...

This monument is a tribute to all who served and fought for our country to preserve our freedom


xA second monument stone carries the emblems of the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as a POW-MIA logo. There are also first responder emblems for the Fire Department and State of Missouri Law Enforcement. This monument is inscribed

Honoring those allowing us to rest in peace
All Gave Some ... Some Gave All


xTheir trailer carries this thought provoking statement ...

If you can't stand behind our troops
Try standing in front of them
They won't mind!

God Bless America and those who have fought and are fighting for our freedom.


Photo(s): 2018



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