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1937 Sinclair Station

401 W. Main, Carterville, MO

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This was a Sinclair Gas Station when it was built in in 1937. Made of native gray ruble stone the station originally had a drive through canopy which has been enclosed When it was new it had a hip roof which has been modified into a gable roof style. The small sign on the sign post refers to this building as the "Old Rock Filling Station", probably a nickname based on the style.

By 1947 it was a Hudson Oil station that also sold Cooper Tires and Tubes. As a Hudson Oil Station there were three gas pumps out front.

In 2007 it opened as Carterville's Route 66 Welcome Center and Gift Shop. In 2013 it was closed and the sign was down. It is located on W. Main and Fountain.

A small "Historic Route 66" sign can be seen on the front gable in this photo.

NOTE: I took this photo in 2013. In early 2018 this building was listed for sale as a residence, so please respect the owners privacy.

Photo(s): 2013



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