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Murdon Concrete

14241 Old Highway 66, St. James, MO

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Murdon Concrete Products has a giant neon faucet in front of their building. The sign originally advertised Friede Plumbing Company on old 66 at 9721 Gravois, next to the Affton Underpass in St. Louis. The neon sign was designed by Mr. and Mrs. Friede themselves and cost $950.00 in 1948. It was relocated to this spot in the mid-1970s after a hail storm destroyed most of the neon tubing. The Friede's son then brought the sign here to St. James and installed it in front of his concrete products company.

xThe faucet has several neon "drips" under the spout. The Friede name was in neon on the tower right next to the faucet. The name Murdon is also neon and replaced the word "Plumbing". The "P" was above the letter "M" and the "G" in plumbing was below the letter "N" in Murdon. Interestingly the letter "U" is in the same spot in both Murdon and Plumbing. I wonder if it was replaced? The drips would light up sequentially to make it look like water dripping from the faucet, that feature made it an "action" neon sign..

xThe sign stands in front of a steel building on the N. Outer Road a couple of west of St. James.

Photo(s): 2016



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