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Albatross, MO

This little community between Spencer and Avilla at MO 39 and 96 did fairly well in the heyday of Route 66 with as many as six gas stations to serve travelers on the Mother Road.
Hollis Hillhouse Station
Hwy. 96, between Cty. Rd 1140 & 1135.
This station was built in 1950 and was owned & operated at one time by Hollis Hillhouse ... read more
Route 66 Tavern
12221 Highway 96
This bar is located on the east end of town on the south side of Highway 96 just before Cty. Rd 1120 ... read more
Albatross Store
12053 Hwy. 96
The original building (east end, stone) dates back to 1930 and the west end (concrete block) was added in ... read more
xMiller's Station
Route 66
Hwy. 96 east of Hwy. 39
This gas station was built in 1945 and the canopy was added in 1970. ... read more
Picnic Area
NW Corner, MO 39 & Hwy. 96
There is a small rest/picnic area on the NW corner of the junction of MO 39 & Route 66 (Hwy. 96), Albatross ... read more

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