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Cuba & Fanning, MO

Cuba calls it self the Mural City with good reason. Many, but not all the many murals here are along the Mother Road as it passes through town.
Various locations
Cuba calls itself the Mural City, this page shows why. There are so many murals, plan on taking the time to see them ... read more
Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q
913 East Washington St.
Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q is located on the site of Chester's Cafe and Cooke Service Station that opened in 1944 as ... read more
Former Red Horse Cabins
E Washington St at N. Main St.
Across from the Wagon Wheel Motel. This was the Red Horse Cabins that opened in 1938. A station/garage/truck ... read more
xWagon Wheel Motel
901 E Washington St.
The Wagon Wheel Motel opened in 1934 and it's still going strong ... read more
xBette Davis Mural
501 E Washington
A visit to Cuba by the famous actress Bette Davis is memoralized in this mural on the Cuba Free Press building, Let's just say ... read more

Turn south at the next street (Lawrence) then east on N. Main St.

xHotel Cuba
509 E. North Main St.
The Hotel Cuba started out as The Palcae hotel in 1915, but when Route 66 open behind the hotel they changed the name and ... rear more
xSouthern Hotel
601 E. North Main St.
You can't tell by looking at it now, but the Southern Hotel attracted the famous movie star Bette Davis, at least for dinner and then ... read more

Note: Turn north on Clay (between the hotels) then west on E. Washington St. (Route 66)

xShelly's Route 66 Cafe
402 E. Washington St.
Not far from the legendary Wagon Wheel Motel is this little cafe ... read more
xAl West Mural
E. Washington St. at S. "A" St.
Viva Cuba, Cuba's beautification organization, built this wall for the mural of the former businessman and long time mayor, Al West, Sr. It was painted by the Whitesitt group of St Louis read more
xPhillips 66 Station
E. Washington St. at S. Franklin St.
Paul T. Carr built this cottage style filling station in 1932 as a Phillips 66 station and was later expanded to include a ... read more
Cuba's Public Garden
Washington St & Franklin St.
Check out the 3-D steel replica of an 1873 locomotive. It was sculpted by Glen & Curtis Tutterrow and is ... read more

Side Trip:
A short drive north on MO 19 will lead you to the 19 Drive-In just north of I-44.

x19 Drive In Theater
5853 Missouri 19
The 19 Drive In Theater still has a few traditional speakers besides the radio sound. As of 2008 it only had the traditional speakers ... read more

Back on 66:
Just turn around and return to 66.

xAmelia Earhart Mural
201 W. Washington St.
xFormer Conoco Gas Station
306 W. Washington St.
This former Conoco Station is located at Washington & Filmore Streets. It was an upholstery shop when ... read more
xRoute 66 Cafe (Closed)
510 W. Washington St.
Neat sign! This was Ross & Ruby's Diner for 35 years before becoming the Route 66 Cafe in the 1980s ... read more
Hayes Shoe Store
103 S Smith St.
Hayes Shoe Store has been on this corner since at least 1950. There are a couple of really giant shoes on display here.... read more
xWallace House
605 Washington Ave.
In 1885 John M. Wallace purchased two lots, one to build this house on. In the 1920s it became ... read more

Note: The next two buildings are directly behind the Wallace House

xRoberts-Judson Lumber
100 N. Smith St.
The Millworks mural on this buildingtakes us back to 1948 when the building was the site of custom woodworking ... read more
x1934 City Hall
112 N. Smith St.
The old City Hall and Fire Station is still pretty true to its original design. The city hall on the left and the fire barn on the right in ... read more
Bob's Gasoline Alley
822 Beamer Ln.
Go about 3.4 miles west of the Wallace House then north on Beamer Lane to see this outdoor collections of gasoline signs, pumps & more ... read more

is just a few miles west of Cuba on old Route 66 and just east of I-44 exit 203.

xFanning 66 Outpost
5957 Highway ZZ
What may be the worlds biggest rocking chair stands outside the Fanning 66 Outpost. Biggest or not, it's one huge ... read more

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