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Phillipsburg & Conway, MO

Phillipsburg is at I-40, exit 118 or Route 66 (Hwy. C). Old Route 66 crosses over I-40 at Phillipsburg going from the north side to the south heading west.
Carter & Lawson Underpass Cafe
Route 66 / Cty. Rd W
In 1941 O.E. Carter & Ed Lawson erected a gas station here. In 1950 they added a cafe building and ... read more
Skelly Gas Station 
Route 66 at I-40 Exit 118
This former Skelly station is located on the north frontage road just west of I-44, exit 118 ... read more
xCandy Factory
330 W. Pine St. (1-40 Exit 118)
If you're cruising Route 66 and your sweet tooth starts screaming "CANDY ALERT!, CANDY ALERT!" this may be ... read more
xWorlds Largest Gift Shop
330 W. Pine St. (1-40 Exit 118)
Redmon's World's Largest Gift Shop is part of the Redmon's complex, gas station, candy shop and gift shop ... read more

is about 5 miles west of Phillipsburg and like a lot of other small towns, Route 66 skirted past the edge of town, not quite bypassing, but not running right through downtown either.

Former service station
Jefferson Ave.& Mrytle St.
About a block before the Wilkerson Ford building you pass this former gas station ... read more
Wilkerson Ford Dealership
Main St.& Jefferson Ave.
This 1926 building still has the original stained glass windows. Now a Senior Citizens's center. ... read more

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