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Totem Pole Station & Cabin

Arlington Outer Rd, Arlington, MO

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In 1933 Harry Cochran opened the first Totem Pole Trading Post, a small building with a Totem Pole on the roof. By 1948 the business grew into a full fledged tourist camp and Cochran ran an ad offering the business for sale describing it as " ... cabins. cafe, souvenirs, gas, etc. Good business.". Later owners included Charles and Velma Huntington (1954-57) and Ralph Jones (1957-63). The Totem Pole Tourist Camp was in business at this location until the early 1960s.

xIn 1954 the state purchase the property where the campground was located and the cabins were moved back from the road. At least one cabin, shown above, still stands on the north side of the road. In 1967 the Highway Department came again and took the property where the store was. The station was saved and used by the Highway Dept. as a office while the new highway as built.

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