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John's Modern Cabins Ruins

Outer Rd W/Arlington Outer Rd., Doolittle, MO

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Most, if not all, of these cabins were torn down in 2018. In 1931 Bill & "Bessie" Bayless built a complex of six cabins and a roadhouse here. That was five years after the road out front was designated as part of the original alignment of Route 66.

In 1950 John Dausch purchased the property and renamed it John's Modern Cabins but by 1960s the place was just about out of business. John died in 1971 and the property has slowly decayed ever since.


Keep in mind that these were called "modern cabins". But they were log cabins built standing on blocks buried in the ground to get a level floor. This one got some additional support from stone and concrete blocks as time went on before finally caving in to the ravages of time and nature.

x The old neon sign was still there, but pretty faded in 2016.

A whole wall had fallen away on this cabin by 2016.

Photo(s) 2016



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