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Doolittle, Arlington & Jerome, MO

The town of Doolittle is located on the original 1926 Route 66 alignment. From I-44 take Exit 179
xHargis Roller Rink & Tourist Camp
Eisenhower St., Doolittle, MO
The Hargis Tourist Camp dates back to the 1944-45. This former Roller Rink stood out front along the highway and cabins ... read more
xRamsey's Garage
Route 66 (Eisenhower St), Doolittle, MO
Monroe and Hattie Ramsey established the business in 1927 and built this garage in 1941 because this area was booming ... read more
Dan Malone's Service Station
Hwy T Eisenhower St, Doolittle, MO
This small filling station was built by Hudson Oil Company in 1941. Dan Malone purchase the business in 1952 and as late as ... read more

is located at the end of the Arlington Outer Road that runs past Johns Modern Cabins.

xVernelle's Motel (Closed)
10891 Arlington Outer Rd
This old motel is on a stretch of old Route 66 just west of Doolittle on Arlington Outer Rd south of I-44 at exit 176 ... read more
John's Modern Cabins Ruins
Arlington Outer Rd
In 1931 Bill & "Bessie" Bayless built this complex of six cabins and a roadhouse. In 1950 John Dausch ... read more

xTotem Pole Trading Post & Camp
Arlington Outer Rd.,
In 1933 Harry Cochrane opened the first Totem Pole Trading Post and erected a small building with a Totem pole on top ... read more
xChurch / School or ?
Arlington Outer Rd., Arlington, MO
The few references I've seen say this building was a church or school. I'm not convinced it was either one ... read more
xArlington Hotel
High St., Arlington, MO
The old Arlington Hotel is located at Arlington Outer Rd and High St. You can't miss it, if you don't turn one way or the other ... read more

is located at I-44 Exit 172 and east on the north service road to find the Stoney Dell Resort and the Trail of Tears.

Larry Baggett's Trail of Tears
N Outer Rd (Hwy. D), I-44, exit 172
This monument to the Cherokee Trail of Tears is an example of dementia concretia and very interesting to see ... read more
Stony Dell Resorts
N Outer Rd (Hwy. D), I-44, exit 172
This building was built around 1935 and served as a restaurant, curio shop and ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.