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Ramsey's Garage

Route 66 (Eisenhower St.), Doolittle, MO

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In 1927 Monroe and Hattie Ramsey started a business in what would become Doolittle, in 1941 they expanded it by building this garage. The area was booming because construction had began on Fort Leonard Wood and housing and services were in short supply. A few, apparently long gone, cabins were built behind the garage and rented to workers from Ft Leonard Wood. To give an idea of how great the shortage of housing was, Ft. Leonard Wood was 20 miles away. The relocation of Route 66 in the 1950s spelled the end of the business for the Ramsey's.

Because the Ramsey Garage was about half way between Rolla and Newburg it was also known as the Centerville Garage. It is located on the east end of town on Eisenhower St. at Pool Holler Cave Rd.

xThe building is an odd shape with the front aligned with Route 66 and the sides parallel to road net to the building and the back perpendicular to that road. The means the east and west walls a re different in length.

A bit of decoration occurs at the front corners of an otherwise plain concrete block building.

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