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Hooker & Devil's Elbow, MO

Hooker: There's an interesting bit of the 1926 alignment of 66 left in Hooker.
xFormer Hillbilly Store 
11126 Hwy. Z
The former Hillbilly Store has been heavily remodeled into a private home. This was the second location for the store. It moved here in ... read more
x1926 Rt 66 (Trophy Ln) Alignment
Hwy. Z at Former Hillbilly Store
The 1926 Route 66 (Trophy Lane) angles off the four lane to the northwest at the former Hillbilly Store. After about a mile you come to ... read more
xHooker Cut
Hwy. Z
Two miles W of I-44 exit 169. You drive through a 90 foot deep cut built in the early 1940's just before ... read more
xSunset Rest Cabins
Hwy. Z at Teardrop Road
The Burgards operated this former tourist stop with its cabins, gas station and store from 1937 to the early ... read more
x Dale's Sporting Goods
Route 66 (Hwy. Z), Hooker
Dale Hooker had this building constructed in 1950 and he operated a sporting good store, liquor store, grocery and ... read more

Devils Elbow:
Devil's Elbow is named for the tight turn in the Big Piney River that made it difficult for loggers to float logs downstream.

Elbow Inn & BBQ
21050 Teardrop Rd., Devils Elbow
Nelle Munger and Emmett Moss opened the Munger-Moss Sandwich Shop on Route 66 in 1936. In 1943 the new ... read more
xDevil's Elbow Bridge
Teardrop Road
The 1923 Devil's Elbow Bridge over the Big Piney River carried Route 66 traffic until 1943. Turn west just ... read more
Devil's Elbow Cafe
Timber Rd.
The cafe was built in 1932 with locally-quarried sandstone. It burned down in the late 1970 and all that was left was the ... read more
Miller's Market
12175 Timber Lane
This 1954 building was originally Miller's Market which later became Allman's Market and then Sheldon's Market after that ... read more
McCoy's Store and Camp (Gone)
12177 Timber Lane
This 1941 building originally had a dance hall on the second floor, but that became apartments after a ... read more

xHiawatha Lodge
12198 Timber Rd.
This former hotel was built by Thomas & Rhoda Hunter in 1917, it's currently a private home and the oldest building in ... read more
xGraham's Resort & Camp
21150 Teardrop Rd.
Originally this was the mid 1920s Graham's Resort & Camp. In 1927 they built 14 cabins. Later it became Big Piney Lodge ... read more
xDevil's Elbow Overlook
Just west of Devil's Elbow
This Scenic Overlook is listed as one of the seven beauty spots in Missouri. It is just up the hill west of ... read more
xE-Z Inn Cafe & Cabins
21755 Teardrop Rd, Devils Elbow, MO
This was originally known as Clinton Cabins and when the Ernie & Zada's Inn opened in 1932 it became a honky-tonk

When you get back to Hwy Z (the 4 lane) turn east (right) and go about 7/10s of a mile to turn north onto Tank Rd. and then take the first right to the cabins.

xPiney Beach Resort
N. of Hwy. Z on Tank Rd.
This 1940's cottage court resort featured 1 & 2 room cabins on the Big Piney River. It is located north of Route 66 on ... read more

Turn around and head back to Hwy Z. Then west to continue to the former Devil's Elbow Motel.

Devils Elbow Motel
W. Teardrop Rd & Rt 66 (Hwy Z)
This former motel was built around 1950 and was run by the McClary family. When the Interstate bypassed this section in 1981

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.