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Stony Dell Resort

N. Outer Rd (Hwy. D), I-44, exit 172, Jerome, MO

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The Stony Dell Resort was built in the 1930 and consisted of a swimming pool, two-story stone bath house, restaurant with landscaped gardens. They were built and operated by George Prewett and his son, Vernon. A few buildings or what left of them still stand on the north side of Route 66. The buildings on the south side of Route 66 were demolished for construction of I-44 in 1966.

GPS: 37.911840, -91.976999 (Resort)

x This building, on the north side, was built around 1935. It served as a restaurant, curio shop and was a Trailways bus station in the 1930s. There are two more buildings, joined at the eaves that were used, according to the sign, to sell gas, food, bait and handmade gifts.

x The four cabins were built in 1935, the fourth is off to the right but hidden by brush in this photo. The cabins are pretty deteriorated so I'm not sure how much longer they can survive without some preservation effort. The cabin on the far right and the fourth cabin are built of logs had deep covered porches on the front.

The only thing left of the swimming pool is the artesian well that supplied the water for it. The well is located right along the edge of the freeway and it's a bit hard to get to from old 66 because you have to struggle through some underbrush and cross a creek to reach it.

GPS: 37.910565, -91.977147 (Well)

Photo(s): 2016



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