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Larry Baggett's Trail of Tears

N Outer Rd (Hwy. D), I-44, exit 172, Jerome, MO

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Larry Baggett created this monument to the Cherokee Trail of Tears that goes across his property. This is an example of dementia concretia and very interesting to see. He passed away in 2003 and the property was sold in 2005. As of 2017 the property was being restored with a possible opening in spring 2018.

To get to the property take I-44, exit 172 to the north side which is Hwy. D then go east.

GPS: 37.910285, -91.980749

x The gate was closed when we were there in 2016 so we only saw a few things close to the road.

x This looks like a neat place to sit and rest a spell while contemplating all there is to see here.

x Here's a little closer look at the Trail of Tears sign.

Photo(s): 2016



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