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Amos Armstrong Cass House

109 S Pine St, Carterville, MO

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Amos Armstrong Cass came to Jasper County in 1886 as a contractor and builder, but with mining was flourishing in the area and he became heavily involved in that business. He was invested in at least seven mines as well as being a partner in the Weeks Hardware, a mining equipment xompany. In 1896 architect Alfred W Reas of the firm Garstang & Rea designed and built this six bedrooms, three baths, 3,672 square home for Cass.

With a fireplace in every bedroom and a dining room big enough for a table for ten and a swimming pool in the backyard this was a magnificent home.

Mr. Cass lived in this house until his death in 1915.

xIt is located at the intersection of N Pine St and Route 66 (Main St) diagonally across the intersection from the old Dairy Creme building.

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