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Carterville Dairy Creme

328 E Main St., Carterville, MO

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This building is located on Route 66 (intersection of Pine and Main Streets). It originally was a gas station but was converted into a small restaurant years ago. Since that time it's been known as Dreama's Route 66 Cafe and Peggy Sue's Drive-In and Stewart's Cafe, and the Dead Cow Saloon and Deli, as of 2017 it has taken on another new name after being remodeled..

The kitchen is were the original station office was and the front canopy was enclosed by all that glass and half wall to make the dining space.

x A little black bear on the corner on the corner proudly held up a Route 66 shield perhaps hoping to attract the attention of roadies and getting them to stop in for a meal or snack. Sadly he's run off to who knows where. The bear apparently got tired of standing on the corner for years and has wandered off looking for new surroundings.

Photo(s): 2013



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