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First National Bank Building

301 Main St., Carterville, MO

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This First National Bank building was built by W.H. Daugherty in 1901 as a two-story building, he was also the president of the bank. A few years later the local Masonic Lodge, which was chartered in 1893, asked him to add an another story for their use, which he and/or the bank apparently agreed to before he died in 1906 at the age of 78. The building also served as the local post office for years.

The First National Bank started out as the Carterville Bank which was located on the block that is now a park across the street from the Weeks Hardware building. The Carterville Bank bought the First National Bank of Webb City in the mid-1890s, moved it to Carterville, and assumed the First National Bank name. The bank was liquidated and the assests absorbed by the Webb City Bank in Webb City in June of 1929. A newspaper article from Sunday June 30, 1929 stated that the bank in Carterville would not reopen the next day, Monday July 1st. That left Carterville without an operating bank.

So far that leaves me wondering what the bank portion of the building was used for after that. Professional tenats over the years included doctors and lawyers. The building has reportedly been vacant since 2006 or so.

The bank building was purchased in 2016 by Brock Powell and his wife who planned to renovate the building with apartments on the two two floors and retail on the first floor.

xNotice the Lodge name and year in the upper cornerstone at the base of the third floor. The Carterville Masonic lodge. No. 401 reportedly used this space until the year 2000.

xTiles set in the sidewalk spell out the banks name. They're a little worn, and maybe cracked, but still pretty cool!

xThe bank only occupied the three story building shown here. I'm not aware of what the two story building nextdoor was.

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