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SuperTAM Ice Cream Parlor

221 W. Main St., Carterville, MO

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SuperTAM is both an ice cream parlor and a Superman museum. It's hard to believe how much Superman stuff there is is this small unassuming building. Get ready for sensory overload if you get a chance to stop by for a scoop of Superman Ice Cream. The shop is open on a seasonal schedule.

xA very nice guy named Larry Tamminen owns the place and the amazing trove of collectibles stuffed inside it. So why is it named SuperTAM instead of Superman like the sign says, well ... we'll let Larry tell you that story.

Now about that Superman Ice Cream, it comes from the Chocolate Shoppe in Madison WI which carries a long time flavor called Superman. I wonder if they drive it here on Route 66, or if it gets flown through the clouds by the super dude himself. Hmmm ... how long would that flight take?

OK, back to reality, there are some picnic tables and the shell of an old trolley under a shelter next door that is a great place to sit and eat your ice cream.

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