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Rock Haven Tourist Court

15156 N. Outer Rd., St. James, MO

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The Rock Haven Tourist Court originally had six single unit cabins probably built around 1926-28. Only one of the original Giraffe Rock faced cabins was still standing in 2018, the others had been torn down years before. Over the next several years they added a two double unit frame cabins. During that time they also added a filling station on the east side of the cabins. The little tourist court also offered hot and cold showers in a community washroom.

In September of 1949 the tourist court was advertised for sale and described as being well established with daily income of as much as $40.00 per day. It was listed as having 6 single rock cabins and 2 double cabins, a 5 room house, 3 car garage on 6 acres of land at an asking price of $15,000.00 with an option to also buy the adjacent Standard Oil station. One such ad referred to the property as the Rock Haven Motor Court.

In 1950 the Frank and Ruth Waring purchased the property and added a new gas station and restaurant just east of the old gas station. This is what is now the white private residence east of the cabin. The restaurant was located on the east end of the building with the dining room in the middle.

In the photo above the station would have been in the part of the building farthest left, the windows and doors there have been removed at some point. The gas pumps ended up in front of that station office but when the station first moved to the new building the pumps were on the east side of the restaurant.

In the 1950s the restaurant was the site of many social functions such as a Rolla Garden Club Luncheon, , the Lions Club meetings, professional society luncheons, etc.

In 1954 the Warings sold the business to Ruby Gilder who reportedly operated it until it was bypassed by I-44. The property was for sale in 1964 for $24.000.00. By the 1970s the former restaurant was the Rock Haven Nightclub club.

Photo(s): 2017, 2018



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