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Plano & Halltown, MO

Very little is left of Plano, but there is at least one ruins and a former gas station left to see.
Tydol Gas Station
Hwy. 266 & Farm Rd 45
On the southeast corner of the intersection is a former Tydol gas station and garage. This is now a private home ... read more
General Store
Hwy. 266 at Farm Road 45
This 1902 general store once had a living quarters for the owners on the second floor ... read more

is about 4 miles west of Plano on MO 266. For such a small town there's actually several interesting buildings here.

Cameron's Antiques
130 Main St. Halltown, MO
This 1930s building housed Cameron's Antiques in the heyday of Route 66. Halltown was known as ... read more

xWhitehall Mercantile
Main Street (Hwy. 266)
This building was built in 1900 as a grocery and post office downstairs and fraternal and community hall on the ... read more
xOld Las Vegas Hotel & Barber Shop
Main Street, (Hwy. 266)
This former hotel, built in 1930 had guest rooms upstairs and a cafe on the first floor. The little building next ... read more
Goodman's Service Station & Garage
Main St.& Parks
Built in 1925, Kenneth Goodman operated his Goodman Service Station here for many years. Later Bert West of West ... read more
West Grocery Store
Main Street,
This building was built in 1922 with two store fronts. It was known for many years as West's Grocery. ... read more
Cleo's Beauty Shop
Main St.
This small white building was built in 1933 and may have been a cafe early on. In the 1970's it was a beauty shop ... read more
Stone Warehouse Building
1904 Main Street
The vacant old stone warehouse building, built around 1903. Kind of hard to pin down the history on this one ... read more
Richard's Antiques
1911 Main St.
This 1906 building was apparently last open to the public as Richard''s Antiques ... read more
White City Cabins
Hwy. 266, Halltown, MO
There were ten cabins here, eight of which had attached garages. The cabins were ... read more

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