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Shrewsbury & Marlborough, MO

Just west of St. Louis proper you come to a tiny bit of Shrewsbury and a lot of Marlborough. Marlborough was a sort off motel row in the heyday of Route 66.
x1931 Frisco Railroad Bridge
7369 Watson Rd, Shrewsbury
The old Frisco Railroad: “Ship it on the Frisco” bridge was built in 1931.Some of the original wooden trestle approaches ... read more
x Coral Court Motel Site
7755 Watson Rd., Marlborough
The 70+ unit Coral Court was demolished in 1993 but the stone walls at the entrance still stand ... read more
xMarlborough/Sunset Lanes
7777 Watson Rd., Marlborough
Bill Boje built Marlborough Lanes in 1960. Danny Thomas held his first bowling benefit for St. Jude's Hospital here ... read more
xWayside Motel
7800 Watson Rd., Marlborough
Originally the Wayside Auto Court, this motel dates to the 30s or 40s. It sits on the south side of Watson Road near the... read more
xChippewa Motel
7880 Watson Rd., Marlborough
The Chippewa Motel started out in 1938 with 13 detached cottages. Travelers could stay in one of the cottages for as ... read more
xDuplex Motel
7898 Watson Rd., Marlborough
The Duplex Cottages Auto Court opened in the mid-1930s with 11 cottages By 1971 there were 27 units ... read more

LaCasa Grande Motel
8205 Watson Rd., Marlborough
The LaCasa Grande Tourist Camp was built in 1940 with 8 units in a "U-shaped" arrangement ... read more

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